loving myself is the new black..

..but as it turns out, it’s been a little tougher than i thought it would be.
but whatever, i think i look better in charcoal grey anyhow. 

trying to master a new skill is no small feat, whether you’ve practiced until ‘perfect’ or are just a beginner. i’ve practiced a lot in my day; everything from how to mend my first broken heart to how to play the recorder in 3rd grade. i assure you, neither ended up as anything near perfect. looking at these parts of my life now, though, i can’t say it bothers me all that much. i’ll settle with knowing i never had the opportunity to go pro. i’d be more than happy to play for you sometime. once your ears stop ringing, i bet you’ll agree.

anyhow, this is where we arrive at life lesson numero uno. perfect is a hoax – take my word on it. it’s tough to see at times, but the p-word can be mixed into expectations that let us lose sight of ourselves. perfect is only a comparison. let someone else worry about their version. set goals that take flight within your dreams. those don’t belong to anyone but you, my friend.

aim high, and know that your direction is not something you need explain to anyone. it won’t make you wrong. it will only make you grow.

if you trip, as we all do, allow yourself to feel it. for every scrape and bruise along the way, you will soon see the scars those falls leave behind, and they will be the most beautiful heart on your sleeve.

this blog is a testament to my life – the rather frequent detours, the many questionable ideas, and the lessons i never learned the first time around. i’m a little offside, a lot sarcastic, and may say things ‘wrong’. good. agreement can be dull. so when it comes to me, or my words, i encourage you to believe in having an opinion to share. please do speak up. this goes for the anyone; from the quiet observers to the outspoken risk takers. i dare you to just be you today.

i truly feel that our thoughts take their strongest shape when they are paired with the opposition. you can only know who you are when you are able to acknowledge, and accept, that which you are not. it’s a good thing.

my heart beats in these words, i understand this world in pages, and i exist between these never-ending tales. one of my deepest beliefs is that we are only so real as the stories we share, so this is just me, chasing what it is to feel alive.


ps: if your mirror is too much to face today, do know that you can always find me in your corner. you’ll get there.

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