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week’s end 3

sunday's are for... says who? and where did they learn how to be such a big deal, they call the shots on how to spend our weekends?! here's my question: is that laziness (let's be honest) considered down time? or is that considered totally wasting a day? i don't think i actually relax all that... Continue Reading →

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firstly, before I go any further, I want to say something important here. actually, let's be honest, everything I have to say is important 😉.. so listen up. I applaud you active ladies out there - grinding through the sweat (tears too, if you're a cryer like me), pushing your limits.. and rockin' your yoga-ish... Continue Reading →

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she could spend a whole day just watching the passers-by. she’d observe quietly from the table too tiny for anyone else’s interest in the shadowed corner of the coffee shop, a park bench two blocks from her house. it was well-worn from the years of those seated before her, but she loved the belonging she... Continue Reading →

before they even know it. 

do you ever find yourself literally picking your jaw up off the floor after having someone do something totally little to brighten up your day? i don't know how quite to explain why, but it sometimes leaves me feeling like it almost hits me harder. i'm not claiming this is always the case, and i... Continue Reading →

shout out to all the flowers comin' up through the concrete& growing where the rest won't.  

good vibes or bust. 

i'm on a good vibes kick. so rather than become the next groove in my couch, i thought i'd share the sideways moments my week brought - the life lessons of a wrong blonde.. when you have something to celebrate, regardless of what that is, make yourself the VIP of that soiree and put your... Continue Reading →

my good days, my questions, my dreams.. but also my frustrations, my opinionated rants, and everything in between. they'll all find their way here. they are mine though, so i would like to own them.  i understand the very public nature of blogging, but more importantly, i understand - and believe - in freedom of... Continue Reading →

it was in words.

this is a letter i had written to myself. i was 17 years old and hoped that, when i was having an especially tough day, i'd be able to find encouragement. there is no spark quite like that of our first love, except for the flame it becomes as it burns us. oddly enough, 'my... Continue Reading →

everytime i do, it makes me laugh.

i recently posted about a day well spent, digging through closets, bags and boxes. actually, the tasks were not even remotely 'well' enjoyed, but i sure as hell know i felt well-worked by the time i was finished. and back down memory lane i go... so, as i sat there, up to my elbows in... Continue Reading →


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